Hurtigruten Cruises

Is it a cruise? Is it a ferry? What is Hurtigruten Norwegian Coastal Journeys? 

You may have seen the advertisements for Hurtigruten and read about its illustrious history, but what is a Hurtigruten voyage really like? Speak with us and we will help meet your expectations of a Hurtigruten voyage – this will make your trip one of your most memorable and yearning to come back for another voyage. 


The best way to describe Hurtigruten is that it is as much about being on land as it is being onboard. It is immersing oneself with the locals, absorbing the nature and jaw dropping scenery that does not stop coming  not just day after day, but hour after hour! 


The voyage itself has comfortable cabins and exquisite dining with dishes made from locally sourced fresh products brought onto the ship daily. The ships, that are small enough to get to places that other cruise ships cannot reach, give you not just a sense of discovery but also a feeling of being an integral part of the ships voyage – not just a passenger on a cruise ship. 


Hurtigruten is well known for its Northern Lights voyages and their renowned Northern Lights guarantee. Hurtigruten’s voyages are certainly one of the best ways to see the Northern Lights during the winter months, but all four seasons bring four different style voyages and adventures – again give us a call to have a friendly chat about the experiences found on and off board.  


Hurtigruten is also known for their exploratory cruising to Svalbard, Iceland, Greenland, Canada, Northwest Passage, Alaska and Antartica! 

The Northern Lights With Hurtigruten See the Northern Lights with Hurtigruten. The winter months in Norway are something truly special, and adventure is most definitely in the air above the Arctic Circle. Here is where you have the best...
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Prices from £1,289
Hurtigruten Norwegian Coast - solo offer No single supplement: Norwegian Coast Hurtigruten makes Norway more affordable for solo travelers by reducing the single supplement to zero* on their 6 day, 7 day, or 12 day classic voyages on se...
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Hurtigruten Classic Round 12 Day Voyage The Classic Round Voyage The essence of Norway’s appeal is remarkably simple: this is one of the most beautiful countries on earth. Join a 12-day adventure that is unmistakably Norwegian, across ...
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Hurtigruten Classic 7 Day Voyage - North Bergen to Kirkeness 6 Day Voyage Enjoy the ambience and culture of cities like Bergen, Ålesund, Trondheim and Tromsø – all brimming with coastal history and charm. Experience one spectacular...
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Prices from £648
Hurtigruten Classic 6 Day Voyage - South Kirkeness to Bergen 6 Day Voyage What makes the Classic Voyage South a favourite among seasoned Hurtigruten travellers are the daytime sailings through magical Lofoten and along Helgeland´s magnifi...
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Hurtigruten - Antarctica Special Offer Experience Antarctica on 13 Day Voyage with Hurigruten Travel in harmony with the elements to the White Continent. En route, you will experience the wild natural wonders of the Chilean fjords. Once i...
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Huritgruten & Kirkenes Snow Hotel See the Northern Lights, stay in an igloo hotel and travel through the Norwegian fjords on this great 7 night holiday. Visit Norway and stay in the town of Kirkenes right at the top of the country ...
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Suitcase Event The Northern Lights With Hurtigruten We have a dedicated group allocation on one of Hurtigruten's 12 day voyage travelling along the Norwegian coastline whilst getting to see the famous Northern Lights. As a result, you can experience Hu...
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