Have The Best Day In Lapland

Why you need to book Newmarket Holidays day trip to Lapland

Visiting Santa in his home in Lapland is a dream come true for most children. The magical feeling you get when you arrive with all the snow surrounding you is an experience that you will never forget.

Newmarket Holidays have a dedicated day trip to Lapland and we have noted down a few reasons why we believe it is the best day trip available and why you a day is plenty of time to enjoy the magic.

Reason 1

Unlike some of the Finnish resorts, Newmarket Holidays fly into Pajala which is EXCLUSIVE to the company. They are the ONLY plane to land that day, so unlike other resorts where you will have 2,000-3,000 people arriving, with this Lapland holiday, there is just a total of just 𝟭𝟴𝟵 people. Creating a very intimate and personal feeling to the day

Reason 2

ALL the activities are included and because there is only 189 passengers in this resort it means there are no long queues standing in the cold and so more free time to have fun!

Reason 3

Most of the day trip experiences means you arrive and it is already dark. Due to Newmarket Holidays early flight times guests have approximately 2-2.5 hours of natural daylight, which is superb for taking those all important photos, doing activities and just seeing where you are.

Reason 4

All resort prices are in £ Sterling so no need to change money over. Amazing!

Reason 5

You will search for the main man through the enchanted forest and have a private meeting in Santa’s grotto. There is no sense of being hurried with a long queue of people waiting behind you so if you want to spend 10 minutes convincing Santa you’ve been good, then carry on (and that’s not just the children talking to Santa). 

santa and child

Prices start from just £539 per adult and £519 per child.

This day experience sells out so you had best book quick before it gets full. Call Mike or Penny on 01582 349480 for dates and more information or complete the form below.

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